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Class Regulations for Foreign Teachers
2017-06-02 19:27  


Class Regulations for Foreign Teachers

International Exchange College, NBUT


To arouse students’ interest in learning major;

To strengthen students’ confidence and motivation in major;

To encourage students to speak standard, fluent English.


The foreign teachers are kindly required

1. to observe the Chinese laws, statutes and decrees, and all the rules and regulations formulated by NBUT.

2. not to deliver any speech that attacks the government of the People's Republic of China and its laws, statutes and policies, not to interfere in China's internal affairs.

3. not to carry out any religious activity and propaganda and not to distribute any books or material in religion among the students under the pretext of teaching.

4. to accept and successfully fulfill the teaching tasks set by NBUT and DSU.

5. to write out a teaching program and a teaching schedule for the courses to be taught before each class and conduct the class according to the teaching schedule.

6. to prepare a detailed teaching plan for each period, do well in class, give oral or written assignments for the students to accomplish after class, check the assignments duly and give guidance in study and help the students solve their difficult problems after class

7. to hand in the teaching plan and schedule you prepared to Teaching Affair Office within one week after the new semester begins.

8. to perform according to the Timetable; be in the classroom 10 minutes before the class begins; fill in the Record of Performance & Students Attendance for each performing.

9. not to be absent from work without permission, late for work or quit class before time is up. Normally any change of classes is not permitted, unless necessary and approved by the deputy dean of International Exchange College.

          10. to take good care of all the facilities in the classroom.



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